Monday, May 2, 2016

Losing Hair? Why a Hair Transplant Surgery May Be the Best Option

Hair loss affects millions of men and women of all ages around the world. Some are dealing with partial thinning or patches of hair loss, and others are completely bald. Hair loss can change the way you feel about yourself, and it can also change the way others view you. Because of this, it can impact both your personal and professional life, and you may be looking for a great way to overcome hair thinning or baldness that is affecting you. What is a Hair Transplant? A hair transplant is a type of surgical procedure offered by Philadelphia surgeons that typically takes your own body hair from one location and places it on your scalp through surgery. In some cases, the entire follicle is transplanted. With hair transplant surgery, the follicles that have been transplanted can continue to grow healthy, natural hair for years to come. This gives the hair a more natural look than what you may experience if you used a hair transplant with synthetic hair.

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