Friday, September 4, 2015

Hair Restoration Facts: The Link between Extreme Stress and Hair Loss

As if the emotional toil isn’t enough, now life stress is stripping you off your mane, too. Perhaps they are coming off in clumps after you brush. You see lots of them on your pillow and on the shower floor too. This massive shedding has been going on for weeks now and you’re grief-stricken by the thought of going bald for life. But have you ever looked into how exactly this process occurs? Under severe stress, the body reserves its nutrients for use of the more vital organs. Hair is not as essential, so deprived of the necessary ‘supplies’, the hair follicles cease production. As soon as the body stops supporting the hair follicles, the strand now enters into an early resting state (telogen phase). At any given time, about 85% of the hair is in the growth stage.

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